Data Download

    GlobeLand30 is stored according to raster data format, and there are 853 data tiles all over the world. The data products corresponding to each data tile can be downloaded in the form of ZIP files, including five parts: classification results files, coordinate information files, connection diagram of image classification files, metadata files and description files. The data size of each data tile is about 10 MB after compression.

    GlobeLand30 covers the area within80N and 80S, and the data tiles are organized by two methods. The data tile is implemented in the size of 5(latitude)6(longitude) within60N and 60S, and in the size of 5(latitude)12(longitude) within 60 to 80 north and south latitude. The organization of all the data tiles is shown in Figure 1, and its vector files can be downloaded in

Figure 1 Framing Connection Diagram of GlobeLand30 Data

    The system provides online downloading of GlobeLand30 data for research institutions and public welfare organizations, which is supported by Firefox, IE 8+, Google Chrome, etc. We support and encourage users from all over the world to analyze and apply the data. Users need to register online, and gain data downloading privilege after approved by the system administrator. The procedures are as follow.

Figure 2 the Overall Procedures of Users Downloading